Fingerprint services for FBI / Police Certificates in all countries across the world and Fingerprinting as evidence in wrongdoing Call us on 020 7158 0332 to talk about any issue - or Email Anything we discuss will be in confidence and will remain that way


Answers Investigation are Private Detectives with in-house forensic resources such as Fingerprinting and Computer Forensics. As well as taking fingerprint impressions for, e.g., visas we provide on-site services for issues involving theft, industrial espionage, disloyal employees, blackmail, malicious mail and more for clients in business, legal and private sectors


We will ensure that your staff remain compliant with the major Financial Institutions by recording fingerprints on FBI forms at your office or ours. Cheaper than the Metropolitan Police and with the convenience of attending your office rather than a member of staff having to make an appointment elsewhere, attend, and pay in cash. Prints may also be taken at our offices

  • Fingerprint Cards and FBI forms completed and verified - stock held
  • Regulatory Compliance for Commodity Futures, National Futures Association, FINRA, London Stock Exchange
  • We visit your office - facility either at our main office or at your premises
  • FBI forms, SIA registration, USA legislation, Middle East identification
  • Character Enquiries, Identity Checks
  • Fast turnaround - no waiting for weeks
  • Evidence

    Evidence in investigation is the key ingredient that turns a suspicion into a practical solution. Techniques such as surveillance and tracing will demonstrate an individual's actions, however often it is definitive disciplines such as fingerprinting and computer forensics that provide irrefutable evidence in a case


    In any workplace suspicion of theft, sabotage or other misdemeanour may naturally fall upon the organisation's employees. If evidence has been obtained there may be the need to compare prints that have arisen as a result of forensic examination to those of the workforce. While, of course, this cannot be demanded of an employee it is our experience that when such a request is made it is usual for employees to agree voluntarily

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    Contact us by calling 020 7158 0332 or by email to Support throughout the UK from a number of locations

    Other Investigation Services

    We are one of the few detective agencies who retain Computer Forensics in-house. The assumption that deleting a computer file will erase the information has been many people's downfall - people will tell their computers secrets they wouldn't tell their best friend! - a mistaken assumption of which we can help you to take advantage. We recover deleted files, web sites visited, email and instant message transcripts, images, videos, potentially anything held on a computer

    Surveillance for a business issue involving an employee or a private matter, for legal purposes, obtaining evidence Car surveillance, of course, is essential and common, however a target who commutes may well use public transport, or a combination of car, train and underground; keeping up with someone in rush hour will sometimes require more than one person, especially if they change modes of transport We work with many companies, resolving the difficult issues facing business owners. Surveillance for corporate reasons may involve discreet observation of an employee, for reasons of absenteeism or pending tribunal - or to minimise and contain damage to our client

    GPS vehicle tracking is an efficent and cost effective method of monitoring a subject's movement 24 hours a day. Regularly monitored with movement alerts, you will know where the subject is at any time. To arrange the installation of a vehicle tracking system, or to discuss what sort of information can be obtained from a tracker install, please contact our office and speak with one of our operatives who will be more than willing to advise

    Frequently working in Europe, particularly France and Spain, where it is more reliable for a UK Investigator to operate, we have also handled assignments in North Africa & the Middle East. We regularly work in Spain, France, and across Europe with experience in many aspects of investigative work including surveillance, fingerprinting, computer forensics and tracing. We have conducted physical surveillance of UK Nationals in the Canary Islands, Ibiza and Majorca as well as the Spanish mainland

    Finding your birth parents is a three or four stage process, dependent upon what you already know and what your end objective is. We have many years experience in not only tracing their current whereabouts, but in sensitively helping you to make an approach in a manner that has the utmost consideration for all parties and their potential sensitivities. While not all stages are obligatory, you may wish to consider them carefully

    40,000 people become adult problematic drug users every year. Accurate information is of most relevance in tackling the potential problems and when we can most help, possibly from discreet observation or from infiltrating a peer group or analysing information from computer forensics. We will not anyone's right to privacy or unnecessarily intrude in their personal lives; you may however find yourselves in a situation whereby you do not have accurate information as to social activity and need to learn more