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Awards for Business

Answers Investigation are an award winning detective agency, With over two decades in business, the company have won prestigious awards including that of the FSB Business of the Year. Recognition of this kind means you can have faith in our professionalism and ethics. Call us FREE on 0800 980 4267 to talk about any issue - or Email Anything we discuss will be in confidence

The winning of a single business award is a recognition of a company's professionalism, integrity and ability. Winning one award is an acclamation - in a twelve month period Answers Investigation won no less than seven awards including the FSB Overall Winner and the FSB Employee of the Year award two years running.

This is just one of the barometers of our stanadards and achievements - and a sound reason for dealing with us to resolve your business and personal problems

FSB Business Awards

Work in Fingerprint Investigation is recognised by the FSB Business Award for Business Innovation. Beating off stiff competition, the award was presented at a Gala Dinner at Epsom Downs Racecourse, and was awarded on the strength of our integrating the provision of Fingerprinting in Investigation, an endorsement of our professionalism and resource. Fingerprint technician Olivia Ellenger also won the FSB Employee of the Year

Our FSB story continued. We were again recognised, this time for our Fingerprint Lead Andy Cross winning the FSB Employee of the Year - the second year running that one of our people had been recognised. The evening culminated with Answers Investigation also being awarded the Overall Winners prize and named as 'FSB Business of the Year'

Other Business Awards

Recognition of our people and our work has not just been for Fingerprinting. Regularly featured in the media, we have been nominated, finalised, and won many other awards:

  • Winner of the FSB Business Awards - Surrey Business of the Year
  • Winner of the FSB Award for Enterprising Business
  • Winner of the FSB Employee of the Year - Andrew Cross
  • Lauren Parker - Finalist in the FSB Apprentice of the Year
  • Olivia Ellenger - winner of the Hampshire Chamber of Commerce 'Young Person in Business
  • Runner up in the National Chamber of Commerce Awards
  • Olivia Ellenger - winner of the Eagle Radio 'Young Person in Business'
  • Winner of the FSB Award for Business Innovation
  • Olivia Ellenger - winner of the FSB Employee of the Year
  • Finalists in the Croydon Business Awards
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    Other Investigation Services

    We thrive on finding out the secrets of computers using Computer Forensics - an in-house facility handled by us, and not contracted out like so many 'wannabe' Investigators Computers hold the secrets and the key to establishing the truth of an employees, or of a partner's actions. Rebuilding from source will rebuild anything held on a computer

    Surveillance for a business issue involving an employee or for establishing the truth of a spouses absences; regardless of the transport a subject uses, we will monitor their movements and report them to you, establishing whom someone is meeting and what they are up to.

    GPS vehicle tracking is an efficent and cost effective method of monitoring a subject's movement 24 hours a day. Regularly monitored with movement alerts, you will know where the subject is at any time. Combined with physical surveillance the whole truth will become known to you

    We have worked and operate where we need to - with Investigators fluent in different languages and experienced in different countries from Europe to North Africa and beyond. We frequently serve legal papers in European countries, a cheaper exercise than having documents served locally

    Finding your birth parents is a matter in which we have years of experience, working as far afield as Romania, Europe, New Zealand, Australia or simply in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Adoption Tracing is an art, requiring much more than ancestry research, and is handled carefully and sensitively

    Drug and alcohol misuse causes problems both in work and in domestic environments. Establishing the extent of a problem, whether with a spouse, a child or an employee, is a matter in which we excel, often involving undercover and surveillance work